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Roundtable Topic January 2018

Happy New Year, friends. A new year, new beginnings, new endings, and everything in between when it comes to writing. This year I plan to devote more attention to my “pet projects.” My “pets” are named: Movie Groovy, Kiddie Concepts, Teen Troubles, and Ooh La La. Which means I’m going to put my heart into writing TV movies (a new genre I’ve come to adore), self-publish two middle grade series (one for girls, one for boys), get my Young Adult novels out into the hands of readers, and the Ooh La La? Make more of my erotica short stories available on Amazon.

Here is my question for our first Roundtable Topic of the year:

What are your “pet projects” for 2018? Let’s hear them whether they are writing-related or otherwise!


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Why Do You Write?

I like to write for the same reasons I love to read: to live vicariously through someone else, to escape my own life for a while, for enjoyment and pleasure, and to learn something about the world and/or about myself. I’ve been writing stories since I was a little girl…they were always accompanied by my own artwork…and what I liked about writing then was that I was doing it for myself, not for anyone else. I had no need to edit (nor did I realize that option even existed), and I didn’t care if someone else liked it or not because I didn’t care whether or not anyone else read it.

I wish we could all return to that place…where we wrote to express ourselves without worrying it might not be “good enough.” In fact, I challenge you to do this. Right now. Write ONLY for yourself. Not for publication. Not for anyone else’s eyes. Only for you and for the reason you started creating stories in the first place. Maybe your reasons are similar to my own. Maybe they’re different.

I’d like to know…why do YOU write?


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