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How to Write Full Time

Finding myself with unlimited free time, I need to learn how to write consistently and on a full time basis. Most days I sleep in until I’m hungry. Definitely not a good sign.

How do I motivate myself? How do I sit still enough to get quality work done? I coming up with answers as I write this.

The first thing I’ll need to do is move my desk into the living room. That will get me up, dressed and out of my room. There’ll be no excuses to just sleep the day away.

Next I’m going to commit to a specific schedule during which I can write uninterrupted. The biggest interruption is letting myself get distracted. To this event, I’ll allow distractions only after a determined amount of time of non-stop writing. How else am I going to get the eight or so other books in my queue written.

So, my plan upon returning from Philly, is to move my desk, organised all my writing tools and jump right in and write! No distractions from the two kids living with me, one is only there every other week so it’ll be easier to implement the new rules. The other child is moving to Colorado at the end of August, so there’s one less distraction.

Then I’ve have to figure this out all over again, as when my son moves, we’ll have to downsize to a 2 bedroom apartment instead of the spacious three bedroom we have now. But no use worrying about that until the time comes.

This week I’m at my brother’s, and have the best place to sit and write to my heart’s content. For once, I’m taking advantage of it.


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Almost forgot it was my turn to blog. This week’s subject is recovery. Yesterday, I underwent surgery to remove my gallbladder. Everyone told me not to worry, it was a routine procedure.

Thankfully, my husband came with me and sat with me as the anesthesiologist started my meds. I don’t remember anything more until I was in recovery.

I did feel comforted to see my husband by my side as I started to come around. The need to have him there wasn’t evident until that moment. I really was glad he was there.

Yesterday went by pretty much in a blur. The nurse told me I’d sleep a lot as the anesthetic wore off. She was right. I’d try to read or web surf only to find I’d dropped my iTouch as I slept.

Today, though pretty sore, I’ve been moving around. My throat is raw, which realize is from the breathing tube. The nurse did tell me it would be better in another day or so. The ab area is another story. I can walk around fine, it’s the moving in bed and getting up and down in chairs that’s tough.

Best thing for me right now is rest. So on that note – Good night.


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