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Keep on Writing

I haven’t seen much activity on our group’s blog page, so I’m going to start a new leaf. Another group I belong to has a very active message loop. Yes, they have many more members than we do, but I think all of us would find it beneficial to have more connection between meetings.

I’ve just received a response back from Entangled Publishing for my manuscript. Two weeks for a turn-around. Better than the first publisher I’ve dealt with. As for the first publisher, I’m back to square one because my original editor left the company and a new editor is taking the manuscript from the beginning. And here I was with a second revision completed. Oh well, it’s a learning process and I do have much to learn.

Looking forward to next week’s presentation by Scott P. Several of my stories include some sort of fight scene in them, so it will be very helpful to learn from his expertise.

Okay, I’m passing the baton! Who’ll step up next to blog? It only took me five minutes to type and post this one.




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A New Chapter

I’m sitting here at my computer and cleaning up all my backlog of correspondence. To think I have two more days before I begin the newest chapter in my life. The incentive to start on the right foot has me at the computer for at least one hour per day. Of course all that time is not always spent writing. With all the different organizations I’m involved with there is still a lot of time to be able to write and keep a clean, safe home.

I’ve even made dinner for the past two nights. For those of you who know me well, that is an accomplishment! Working in the dietary department of a local nursing home has given me ideas of meals my children will eat and make enough for at least one night’s leftovers. Our new refrigerator will not be stocked to the gills, so leftovers will be welcomed for once. LOL. The kitchen cupboards in the house are overflowing, so I’m only going to take the minimum essentials with us.

Right now, I’m going to take a break from the computer and enjoy the baked chicken and vegetables with cheesy scalloped potatoes.


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What is your New Year’s Writing Resolution?

I don’t have one…yet. I could say it’s to write more often, but I don’t think I could do that without neglecting the house and kids, not to mention my health. I could say it’s to become a published author…but that’s dependent on factors out of my control, unless I self-publish. So I could say it’s to self-publish…but again, that’s dependent on factor number one: writing more often.

What’s a writer to do?

Here is my resolution for the resolution: I am going to do my best, spend less time networking and more time studying and practicing  the craft. I will leave my comfort zone and explore new forms of literature, whether it be by reading it or writing it. I will give writing advice only when asked, and only if the person on the receiving end truly wants to hear it. I will write what I love, even if I know it is not marketable, and enjoy it. I will remind myself that success is not seeing my work in print, but the feeling of accomplishment that comes with doing my best.

How about you?


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