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Keep on Writing

I haven’t seen much activity on our group’s blog page, so I’m going to start a new leaf. Another group I belong to has a very active message loop. Yes, they have many more members than we do, but I think all of us would find it beneficial to have more connection between meetings.

I’ve just received a response back from Entangled Publishing for my manuscript. Two weeks for a turn-around. Better than the first publisher I’ve dealt with. As for the first publisher, I’m back to square one because my original editor left the company and a new editor is taking the manuscript from the beginning. And here I was with a second revision completed. Oh well, it’s a learning process and I do have much to learn.

Looking forward to next week’s presentation by Scott P. Several of my stories include some sort of fight scene in them, so it will be very helpful to learn from his expertise.

Okay, I’m passing the baton! Who’ll step up next to blog? It only took me five minutes to type and post this one.




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Supporting Fellow Authors

I admit, I am likely the biggest offender of what I am about to rally the flag around, but will step into the ring and take my licks.

Lately, as Kat Henry Doran I’ve participated in a number of blogs, promoting my newest release, Mad Dog and the Archangel. With each blog, I notified LCRW members via the email loop, inviting all to stop by and say hey, maybe get in the running to win a prize. The response was cool at best. That’s okay; I’m not the coolest nor kindest of people and I’ll never win Miss Congeniality [though I do want world peace].

More important to me however is First Timers Presents. This is my recurring blog which features first time authors.

I decided to launch it after an LCRW meeting last fall where I happened to sit beside a newly published author in our group who exhibited signs of loss, helplessness and all around needing a hand to guide her when it came to promoting her new book. I suggested she start with the writers loops she belongs to. To which she responded, “Good luck with that, I can’t get support face to face support from LCRW members at a meeting, how can I hope to find it anywhere else?”

As we used to say back in the day . . . color me embarrassed.

After I was lucky enough to be first published in 2004, I received a great deal of support from Kathryn Shay, and members of my two other writers groups [Maine Romance Writers and Liberty States Fiction Writers]. They offered great suggestions on promotions, what to consider, what traps to avoid. Listening to this new author, I thought, ‘you jerk, why aren’t you doing more for her and other new authors?’

First Timers Presents first saw the light of day in September 2011. Since that date, we’ve promoted 15–20 new authors, two of whom are members of LCRW. The usual notifications went out to the loop.

How many LCRW members commented on the blog, wished many sales, said ‘hi, great cover, terrific premise, super blurb or excerpt?

I shall go back for the exact count but I’m willing to guess the number is TWO.

I’m doing my part to promote our authors. What are you doing? Even if you don’t care for erotica or historical romance, you can wish them good luck. Maybe money is tight these days so you are embarrassed you cannot buy her book. So what? In this day an age of anonymous purchases on Amazon, the authors won’t know. They will remember you wishing them luck. These women are part of us. They’ve worked just as we all have.

Give them a round of applause, a hug, a pat on the back, a comment on the blog that says, ‘you go, girl’.

Veronica Lynch


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