Roundtable Topic January 2018

Happy New Year, friends. A new year, new beginnings, new endings, and everything in between when it comes to writing. This year I plan to devote more attention to my “pet projects.” My “pets” are named: Movie Groovy, Kiddie Concepts, Teen Troubles, and Ooh La La. Which means I’m going to put my heart into writing TV movies (a new genre I’ve come to adore), self-publish two middle grade series (one for girls, one for boys), get my Young Adult novels out into the hands of readers, and the Ooh La La? Make more of my erotica short stories available on Amazon.

Here is my question for our first Roundtable Topic of the year:

What are your “pet projects” for 2018? Let’s hear them whether they are writing-related or otherwise!


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2 responses to “Roundtable Topic January 2018

  1. A Couple of Projects going right now. I am now one of the official freelancers for the “Salvation Factory” a department with in the Salvation Army that specializes in providing multi media materials for use within the organization to promote its ministry. I am the visual freelancer – so I create artwork for several of their projects. Also, I have started marketing my artwork on fashion and home products through an organization called “VIDA” They produce womens fashion and home products like pillows and wall art using artists from all over the world. They produce products on demand so I need no inventory and it helps people in third world countries earn a living and Women in traditionally oppressive cultures gain independence. That you can find my link on posts to my FB page MP Graphics or Mark Payton.

  2. The whole idea of 2018 projects is a little fuzzy right now as I am facing major back surgery and a fairly long recovery period. That being said, I have a few things I might try to accomplish while I’m down. First, I’m working on ways to market my latest book to school teachers. “House with a Heart” can be a useful resource for grammar school social studies -ie: 4th grade history of NYS. Especially I would like to connect with home schoolers. Second (This is just for fun.) I got a harmonica for Christmas and I want to learn how to play it. Crazy, huh? Then, there’s always those ideas for future books. Too many ideas; too little time.
    Would love to increase my exposure to possible readers through Facebook (Rick Iekel, Author) Linkedin (Rick Iekel) and my blog (

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