Character Interview: Lyssa Doughty from Katie O’Boyle’s “Waking Up To Love”

The “other half” of the soulmates from my new release: You’ve read Kyle’s interview. Now it’s Lyssa’s turn! –kate

Books by Kim Loraine

When the incomparable Kim Loraine asked to interview one of the lead characters from Waking Up To Love, a sweet contemporary romance set in my beloved Finger WakingUpToLove600Lakes of Upstate New York, I asked Lyssa Doughty and her good friend Kyle Pennington to decide for themselves who would have the honors. Lyssa won the coin toss. Enjoy meeting her, Kim!

–Katie O’Boyle, author

Where are you from, Lyssa?

I grew up in the Southern Tier of New York State. Lots of hills and orchards and small towns. My sister Manda and I lived in a blue house on a pretty side street not far from a college campus.

So how did you come by your British accent?

Do I still have it? I lived for a year in London on a post-doctoral fellowship. That’s where I met Kyle, who’s from Cornwall. He and I talk every day, and I…

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