How to Hook

Yup. You read that title right. I am going to teach you how to successfully hook.

First of all, you don’t just want your story to be pretty, you want it to be hot. The kind of hot that makes your reader sweat with anticipation. Don’t lose him to another book by filling your first page with wimpy words and a long-winded backstory. Dress it up with active words, give it some fantastic legs to stand on. You want to set this sucker up right. Make your reader take notice and not want to put your book down. He’s paying good money here, don’t make him feel as if he’s wasted it.

Your first sentence must make him want more. Just give him a small taste of what’s to come…don’t give it all away at once. Why buy the book if he can get the plot for free? But give him a little something of what you know he wants. A small tease. A smoldering sentence. Then lay it on thick for your first few pages. Let him know what he’s getting into. Who he’s going to be with for the next few hours, and promise him a good time using a few well-placed words.

Do this, and I guarantee he’ll want to pick up your book and take it home. And when he’s done, hopefully you’ve made it so good he’ll want to come back for more.

And that, my friends, is how to hook.

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  1. Thank you, Kim! Your advice has made me into a better hooker!

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