On a Mission (in a very cluttered house)

This posted today to my Soul Mate Publishing Authors blog! -kate

HappyWriter-ShareAlike-FlickrAs I worked on the final chapters of my first (romantic) cozy mystery, two opportunities popped up. One, a contract job that would start in June, and two, a trip that starts in two weeks and ends just before the contract job.


I couldn’t delay finishing the mystery for a whole month or more, right? I was too close, and the plot and characters were too fresh and compelling for me to do anything other than finish the draft.

I know you know that dilemma…

So, starting ten days ago, I was on a mission to complete the draft and get it out to beta readers before my trip. They were excited to hear the book was nearly finished, and their enthusiasm kept me moving forward.

Well, I did it. The drafts are now on their way to two trusted readers, with two more readers standing by once those copies come back.

I returned from…

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  1. That is fantastic news. And, more important, you found a way to motivate yourself. (Something I always have issues with.) Keep it up.

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