John Caligiuri asked me to post this for him:

We generally think of history as being cast in stone. How could things ever be different than as they turned out. For example, we read about the Civil War and believe that of course the Union won and the United States would go on to be a single united country that would dominate the world. In actuality that came very close to not happening.

We’ve all read about George Washington and the struggles of the Continental Army against the British Empire. It was a war we could have very easily lost.

That is the type of story I like to pursue. Change a simple event at a watershed time in history and follow the changed situation to a believable conclusion.

I am a lifelong student of history. My research took me deep into the studies on the Roman Empire. I have walked the roads and visited most of the sites referenced in the novel. This story emerged from my keen interest in and study of ancient Europe and my curiosity in asking “what if” at watershed events in history.

The novel I wrote, THE RED FIST OF ROME follows that “What if” scenario.
It is a Fantasy/Alternate History story set in the last days of the Roman Empire.

Life is cheap in the mid-four hundreds as the dying Roman Empire struggles with endless swarms of barbarians.

Lucius, the son of a Senator, joins the Legions prepared to face the savagery of his nation’s enemies. But his vision of the world is crushed when he encounters the depravity of Rome’s own rulers. Despite this reality, he defiantly clings to the ideals of ancient Rome.

In Gaul, Lucius discovers Dervla, a slave, brutalized by the worst of the Empire’s nobility. Thrown together by chance, they forge an improbable alliance that grows into love.

His indomitable nobility draws an unlikely coalition of others yearning for a better world. Those efforts draw the wraith of a power hungry despot who ruthlessly smashes the visionaries and drives them into hiding. They hatch a desperate plan, but it might be too late.

The Vandal horde is descending on the gates of the Eternal City and Rome is about to be ransacked. These idealists must find a way to come together, overthrow the Emperor and rally the dispirited citizens. Whether or not Rome can be saved lies in the hands of those who were named traitors.

I am currently working on an exciting project right now. The Last Roman’s Prayer is a sequel to the Red Fist of Rome set in the last days of the Byzantine Empire.

To learn more about John Caligiuri and the stories he creates go to:
To purchase THE RED FIST OF ROME, go to AMAZON.COM or


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