The most important thing you can write today – ICE your phone



THIS IS IMPORTANT!  This needs to be in your and your children’s phone.  I know you can see the value of it.  Now, NOW, is the time to do it.  EMS is trained to look for this on the phone of a victim.


How to ICE your Phone


Step 1

CHOOSE a responsible person to be your In Case of Emergency (ICE) Contact.  Record their contact information.


Step 2

INFORM your ICE Contact that you have chosen them as your designated contact and provide them with information that may affect your treatment. Remember MAD or


“M” “A” “D”.

Medicines –List all current medications you are taking, including herbal and organic supplements because they can and do interact with some medications.

Allergies – List all known allergies, especially to medications, but also to foods.

Doctors – Include the names and phone numbers of doctors or other medical providers responsible for your regular care.


Step 3

ADD this contact as a new entry, with their phone number, in your mobile phone address book under the heading “ICE”. Example: ICE-William or ICE-Dad or just ICE.




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