What are you currently reading?

Kat asked me to post this for her:


What are you currently reading?


I recently added the above question to the list of things I ask visiting authors when they bring their favorite character for a visit at my author blog, WildWomenAuthorsX2.blogspot.com. It enhances the character based interview and, I believe, shows another side of the brain that created the character.


So, putting my money where my mouth is, I am currently ‘reading’ [aka listening to the audio version] of John Sandford’s latest Lucas Davenport police procedural “Field of Prey”. It is a honey and despite that the author has written more than 20 novels in this series, the writing has not become stale.


Right here, however, I feel compelled to toss in the ugliest of descriptive words for any author’s writing style: predictable. The dialogue is still snappy and makes me laugh out loud. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the narrator, Richard Ferrone, is an absolute hoot. The secondary characters are unique and individual—and definitely never boring. So. . . in that regard, Mr. Sandford is predictable. Listening to the adventures of Lucas Davenport is always a treat; my one regret is that he writes only one each year.


Not to fear however, Mr. Sandford is not a one-trick pony. He also writes the Virgil Flowers police procedurals with the same snappy dialogue. Though recurring secondary characters are fewer than the Prey series, the story arcs keep my mind busy, trying to figure out who did it and w why. If you are into unique heroes, one who says ‘poop’ instead of cursing, has been married three times and remains semi-friendly with each ex-wife, who doesn’t fall asleep without first talking to God [Virgil is a preacher’s kid], this is a series to pick up.


You won’t be disappointed.



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4 responses to “What are you currently reading?

  1. Interesting post, Kat! It has me thinking about “predictable” as a turnoff for readers, versus having a “brand” that an author delivers.
    I’ve stopped reading a couple of once-favorite authors whose recent books seemed ho-hum, nothing-new. Trilogies and Quads seem to side-step problems that very-long-term series struggle with.
    Thanks for sharing about this author, who I know is a real favorite of yours!

  2. John Sanford is also the author of the Kidd series. Kidd is a computer hacker for hire and works with a cat burglar sidekick, LuEllen. He also reads Tarot cards as a means of focusing on cases, thus the book titles, The Fools Run, The Hanged Man’s Song etc. There are only 4 of them.

    This is my favorite of Sanford’s series and was published before it’s time. It was released before the Prey series under the pseudonym John Card. 

    They have been reissued for Kindle and as an e book collection of all 4 titles. 

    Jean Verno

  3. K.L. Gore

    I agree with Kate, I now see how “predictable” can be seen in a positive light. This also shows how characterization livens up a series. 🙂

    • K.L. Gore

      Oh…p.s. I just finished reading The Fault in Our Stars. Really good book about a teenaged girl with cancer and how, despite the limited time cancer allows its victims, she still manages to fall in love.

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