A Misunderstood Journey of a Writer


  Last night, after an extraordinary session with my writer’s group, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle my rewrites and updates.   So there I was, toiling away when I hear a knock upon my chamber door. (Apologies to Mr. Poe.) My roommate sent her daughter to ask me a question and  I replied.  Without further distraction, I delved deep into my thought process only to be bothered again, 10 minutes later.  Another question, another reply.  I guessed the answer was satisfactory and I was left alone.

 One particular section became the bane of my existence.  It started as a paragraph of description and I floated on to the next sentence.  Only, my car stalled, so to speak.  I tried every way to refurbish the sentence and nothing worked.  I even visited my old friend the thesaurus for assistance. Nothing.

At my wits, I visited an old companion, (old school R&B) and…

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One response to “A Misunderstood Journey of a Writer

  1. K.L. Gore

    I posted on your blog, but will add here that being interrupted is akin to walking into the kitchen because you want to grab a pen only to forget why you walked into there in the first place. So you walk back out of the kitchen, sans pen, and have to replay everything that led up to your kitchen visit in order to remember you needed the pen. In other words, it’s a time waster, and you may end up with a pencil instead.

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