Tell Me, Tell Me…Calling All Authors!

Quick synopsis and title of your latest book, short story, or fan fiction piece. Get ready, get set, go!



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5 responses to “Tell Me, Tell Me…Calling All Authors!

  1. armenpogharian

    The Warders. Combines a James Bond-like adventure with a traditional high fantasy setting where magic replaces the fantastic gadgets and monsters, sorceresses, and other fantastic creatures serve both sides of the struggle.
    Book One – The Warders: The Poisoned Princess is due for release in a few weeks. Forced to leave the elven forest because of his half-barbarian heritage, Toran finds work in a rundown tavern in Eridan’s thieves’ quarter. Combining his keen elven senses and barbarian skills he thwarts an assassination attempt on a visiting princess and earns an invitation to join the secret protectors of Eridan, known as the Warders. When a second assassin poisons the princess, Toran teams with the dwarf Draham and the princess’s lady in waiting, to retrieve the antidote’s key ingredient, while other Warder agents infiltrate royal society to find a traitor.
    I’m currently working on the second book in the series.

  2. K.L. Gore

    Sounds cool!

  3. Stepping Up To Love by Katie O’Boyle is a college-town story with a recovery twist. When her boss catches her using the spa shower at The Manse, junior accountant and graduating college senior Manda Doughty comes clean about the alcoholic drinking that has led her into a disastrous relationship with a predatory professor. Joel, who is also a trustee of the college, is faced with more problems than a beautiful naked woman in his shower. While he’d rather flirt all day with funny, brainy Manda, Joel knows his attraction to her has no future if Manda cannot stay sober, grow up, and face her problems squarely. While Manda immerses herself in AA, Joel uncovers harassment and embezzlement that threaten the existence of the college his ancestors founded. Can he fix the problems at the college without exposing Manda to public humiliation? Can Manda clean up her mess and trust the love she feels for Joel? The odds may not be in their favor, but miracles happen for those who are willing to change their lives and open their hearts.

  4. K.L. Gore

    Definitely sounds interesting, Kate!

  5. Ellen Hegarty

    Hey, Kim, my latest is Bob at the Lake. It’s the screwball cocktail you get when you mix one part crabby woman of a certain age, one part kind grape grower, and one part martini-loving ghost. Set against backdrops of the beautiful Finger Lakes, its local wine industry, and Christmas Manhattan, this book follows the…ummm…let’s just call them ‘adventures’ of this constantly wrestling trio.

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