Stella ain’t the only one gettin’ her groove back….


(First, Sorry to Miss McMillan for butchering her title!)

After much procrastination, doubt and misplacing my self-worth at the pity party hotel… I am happy to announce that my muse and I are back on track. I was able to update my FF. Did I mention I stalled for 2 yrs on that one? I knowWHAT????? and revisited some of my short stories. Not only did my short stories gather dust, they were graciouslyadmitting their children’s great-children to the family dust reunion. But I digress. 

I had to admit a few things to myself.  One: Life gets in the way and only you decide to do something or stay in the muck.  I let distractions do more than hinder my writing, I allowed Armageddon to take up residence in my life.  Basically, I let the one thing that gives me joy almost slip out of my hands.  That shall not happen…

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