Wild Women Authors 2 is pleased to welcome imaginative and inventive author Denise Golinowski



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Kat has asked me to post this wonderful blog for her:


Today Wild Women Authors 2 is pleased to welcome imaginative and inventive author Denise Golinowski who brings with her KT Marant from “Collector’s Item”, a current paranormal romance from The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Where are you from, KT?  I’m from Charlottesville, Virginia. My clan owns a private reserve on the border of the ShenandoahNational Park.

Tell us a bit about “Collector’s Item”.

After my Aunt Patricia went missing, most people just thought she was being her usual unreliable self. I suspected she’d been kidnapped by the Collectors, an underground human hunt club that targets shape shifters. When no one took it seriously, I headed to New York City to find out for myself. As you can probably guess, I almost fell into a Collectors trap, but thanks to Peyton Allers, I not only escaped but decided to turn the hunt around on the hunters. When my brilliant plan backfired, I ended up captured for real and could only hope that Peyton would find me in time.

To us, who couldn’t create anything, even apple pie, with the slightest bit of paranormal elements, this fascinates us. Likewise, you’ve brought in a historic as well as gorgeous part of our country for the setting. But we should get to the meat of the issue: what did you think the first time you saw the hero, Peyton Allers?

Oh please, don’t let him hear you calling him that. He’d be insufferable. Oh, he’d do it very nonchalantly, but it’d still make him preen like a cat in a sunbeam. As for the first time I saw him, I wasn’t sure if he was a good guy or a bad guy. I mean, he swooped out of nowhere to pound on the guy I’d just realized was a Collector. On the surface, that seemed to make him a good guy, but what kind of guy would be hovering in a dark hallway outside my door? Then, I figured my father sent him to be my bodyguard and that ticked me off. I told Father that I didn’t need that kind of security and he sent someone anyway, without my permission. That would make him a bad guy, right?

It does give one cause for concern, yes. What was your second thought?

Well, it wasn’t exactly my thought, but the second thought was that he was an alpha and very attractive. That was actually Andi, my jaguar side. She pegged him as mate material from the first. I pegged him for arrogant and chauvinistic. He had that whole macho man thing going on. Okay, I admit it. The whole package was nicely put together, but he kept calling me princess which irked me and acting like I couldn’t form a basic sentence.

Princess, huh? Our kind of guy. Not. Did you think it was love at first sight?

Oh no! Definitely not. I didn’t want him there, even though he did save my life. And he didn’t want me there because I blew his cover. It was more like PO’d at first sight.

Hah! What do you like most about this PO‘d guy?

I think it’s his deep sense of loyalty. When Peyton gives his trust to someone, he doesn’t do it by halves and if you need anything, you can count on him. He’s not one of those guys who helps out when it’s convenient for them. He helps because it’s what friends do. Okay, and he’s a fine-looking man.


Fine looking, schmine looking. Get to the meat of it all. Sort of.

Peyton is six feet of male arrogance and power. His light brown hair is a bit long, though he’s been talking about buzzing it off and his light brown eyes can change to gold when he’s angry, or aroused. He’s got a military man’s posture, straight shoulders and flat stomach. His voice is a rich baritone with a touch of that mid-Western twang, thought he tends to clip his speech, keeps it terse. More of that military training, I guess. He’s got a no-nonsense jawline, straight white teeth, and a direct gaze that can pin you in place or melt you into a puddle. He threw me over his shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes and never broke a sweat.

A he-man with a drawl. We can do that. How would Peyton describe you?

I think the original term was “pain in his ass,” but that was before he got to know me. He still calls me a pain in his ass, but the tone is completely different. And he had the audacity to tell someone just the other day that the first time he met me, I reminded him of an enraged kitten! A kitten! Believe me, when I found out, I showed him exactly how un-kittenish I could be. He tried to soften it by saying how my hair was all curly from the rain, but the kitten thing was still out there. Oh, and he was calling me “princess” for while there, too. He did tell me that I “surprised the hell” out of him when I told him my plan to get my aunt back. He hadn’t expected a princess like me to be willing to put myself out there for my family, but he didn’t know me. Not then.

What made you choose Vice-President in charge of Charitable Efforts as a career? 

Yeah, it’s a mouthful and it’s part of being in a family business. My father, Anton Marant, built a huge development company which my older brother, Peter, manages. An integral part of our corporate mission statement is the determination to help those less fortunate and we have an entire division dedicated to helping to pinpoint rural and urban areas in need of assistance. We survey the community’s needs and then work with other investors to develop immediate remedies and long-term solutions. Most often through building hospitals, clinics, shelters, day-care centers, whatever will help the community. We are also very active in disaster assistance. We’ve sent money and construction crews to the areas hit by the latest tornadoes.

All right! Helping those less fortunate. Right up our personal alley. Good for you and good for your family. Tell us a bit about yourself. First, what is your biggest fear? 

That I or someone I love might fall into the hands of the Collectors and that’s precisely what happened in “Collector’s Item”.

Second, how do you relax? 

I do yoga and tai chi, anything with long slow movements and stretches. Guess that’s Andi’s influence as well. Cats love to stretch, don’t they? Non-physical relaxation? Reading, of course.


Third: who is your favorite fictional character and why?

Wow! That’s hard. I read a lot of paranormal and urban fantasy and there are some awesome female characters. Kitty Norville because she’s grown into her strength as a were (she’s the fictional trope of a were, infected – while we call ourselves were’s, we’re actually shape shifters and we’re born that way. It’s not contagious.) Rachel Morgan, a witch/demon who is trying to do the right thing and just make a living at it. Sookie Stackhouse—Telepathy? I have a hard enough time with Andi’s thoughts in my head. How crazy must it be to hear almost everyone’s thoughts? I’d better stop there.

Last, what is the best piece of advice you ever received? 

Just about anything my Grandmother Marant told me. Picking just one thing would be just crazy. She was the smartest and sharpest person I knew. Her advice was always delivered with a no-nonsense voice and a twinkle in her hazel eye. Most folks were put off by her brusque manner, but my brothers and I knew her softer side. She and Aunt Patricia practically raised us after Mother died and despite how things have turned out, I wouldn’t give those days away for love nor money.

We have to talk with Denise who invented all this. What movies or books have had an impact on your writing?

KT and I read the same types of books, so her summary above covers most of my favs. While they all impacted my writing, if I have to pick one, I’d say it was the Kitty Norville series that motivated me to try my hand at writing paranormal. Marion Zimmer Bradley got me writing fantasy and I will always regret having missed the opportunity to submit to her Swords & Sorcery anthologies.

Tell us a bit about The Wild Rose Press.

They published my first book, a fantasy romance “The Festival of the Flowers: The Courtesan and The Scholar.”

Tell us a bit about the submission process.

When my chapter of the RWA held their first conference in 2012, I pitched Collector’s Item to a TWRP editor, Amanda Barnett. She suggested I send my synopsis and first three chapters to her. She then passed me along to the Senior Editor, Black Rose Imprint, at The Wild Rose Press, Callie Lynn Wolfe. Callie graciously accepted my submission and then tendered an offer. I was over the moon. My second book with The Wild Rose Press!

 How long did it take from query to release?

Depends on how you calculate release. From query to “early” release (for Kindle only) was eight months. Formal release was May 17th, 2013, which would be a year from query to release.

This has been so much fun, thanks Denise and KT for spending time with us. Much luck in sales and in future books!

 Kat and Veronica


To learn more about Denise Golinowski and the stories she creates please visit:

Blog: Golinowski’s Gambol – denisegolinowski.blogspot.com

Facebook: Denise Golinowski/Author- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Denise-GolinowskiAuthor/127377770641256?ref=tn_tnmn

 Goodreads: Denise Golinowski – http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2743596.Denise_Golinowski

To purchase Collector’s Item, go to The Wild Rose Press: http://www.wildrosepublishing.com/maincatalog_v151/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=195&products_id=5180


Here’s an excerpt from this fun book:

 A lone light shone above an open gate in a high chain-link fence at the far end of the hangar. Andi growled, uneasy. The shadows between the cars could hide an army. As if to compensate for the ringing in her ears from the gun battle inside coupled with the roar of jet engines, KT’s eyes and nose kicked into overdrive.

Blood! KT eased up enough to peer through the windshield of a large sedan. But whose?

The whine of jet engines faded away, and in the buzzing silence, a car engine snarled to life. Tires squealed somewhere to her left. She flinched back from the glare of headlights as a low-slung sports car spun out of a parking space.

“Stop!” Her attention snapped to her right at the sound of Peyton’s voice.


Over the hood of the sedan, she saw Peyton standing behind the front end of a pickup truck about midway down the opposite lane, a gun aimed at the car. The car accelerated, and he fired. A shot from inside the car made Peyton stagger. He held his position and fired a couple more times. The car zigzagged toward Peyton and two more shots spun Peyton around to disappear behind the truck.

“No!” She sprinted toward the truck, keeping low, and with one eye on the sports car as it raced toward the open gate in the rear fence. In the glare of the overhead light, she glimpsed Torne hunched low over the wheel. He made a sharp right turn just outside the gate and, for a split second, KT saw a face through the passenger window, staring back.

KT stumbled to a stop. Patricia? Just a flash of an oval face surrounded by a cloud of dark hair. KT’s heartbeat sped up. Patricia!


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