How do you….

Ah yes. Spring is in the air.  Flowers are blooming.  Fresh leaves tease the trees.  Longer days.  The warmth of the sun spans its comforting wings over the earth.  Your characters arrive to the dreaded climatic sex scene.

What’s this you say?  Dreaded?  You’re a romance writer.  This is what you live for.  It is your calling.  One would think that.

All bullcrap aside, scenes such as these shake me the most. Doubts plague me.  Does this snippet turn into some perverted romp? What will my readers think?  Ah hell, what will my editor think?  Do I have too much innuendo or not enough? So how do I solve it? First turn off the haters in my head.  Negativity does nothing but hinders me from my main purpose… finish the story.

I find one rule applies:

1. It really depends on the characters makeup or DNA.

However, keep in mind the journey is treacherous at times.

Let us pretend that your hero is ruthless in everything; including work, life choices.  It only logical he is ruthless in the bedroom.  Don’t get it twisted.  I am not saying your hero can’t have a softer edge to him. ( The reader has to root for something, correct?). But one day he is a tiger in the sheets, displaying his high sex drive, then suddenly he shrinks to a rabbit grazing in the grass. Yeah, change could be good, however too much too quickly might turn off the reader or worse, you lose a supporter of your storytelling.

The opposite can happen. Your good guy equals snoozefest.  He wears the crown of placemat and now the reader is questioning what the heroine sees in this man.  Or another spectrum pops up. Your hero is now too aggressive, almost to a point where even you hate him.  If that what you want, fine.  If not,  I suggest an upgrade might be in order.

Once again, I am not stating all hero or heroines cannot have flaws.  We must face facts, no one likes to read about anyone who does not overcome some obstacle where everything is smooth sailing.  You know what you have on your hands, then ?  An essay. (Just kidding.)  Seriously, Conflict, Conflict, Conflict.  To quote Robert Frost, ‘Nothing gold can stay.”

I digress. Back to the elusive sex scene.  You as a writer need to discover your comfort zone.  Some like sweet details.  Others…exhaust every possibility.  Find out what works for you.  I look at it this way.  Writing sex scenes is like your favorite hot sauce.  You prefer mild, another might like medium.  Someone else wants scorching, blazing fire hot.  If you need inspiration, reread you favorite romance novel. Come on, don’t act like you do not have your favorite passages highlighted.  Watch a romantic movie.  See if you can write the scene from memory.  Also, You Tube could be your best friend.  Check some sultry videos and see what inspires you.

The main point is to have fun.  Now go forward dear writer and write one hell of page turner!


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