Can an anti-hero become a hero?

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Kat has asked me to post this for her.

Can an anti-hero become a hero?


When I was writing my short story, The Muse, the heroine, Emma, needed help and who should appear on the page, but Lazarus, king of thieves.  Lazarus is everything a hero isn’t.  He is the leader of a band of cutthroats and pickpockets. He is rumoured to have taken a man’s eyes just for looking at a woman under his protection. He is responsible for more than one man found floating in the river Thames.

Yet, he was there when Emma needed help the most. He watched over her, extending the protection of his name to her, and asked for next to nothing in return.  He intrigued me right from the start. As I wrote Emma’s story, I found myself wondering why he did the things he did, how he came to be the person he is.

Soon after I finished The Muse, he started talking to me almost non-stop. He would pop into my head at the oddest times of the day and night telling me a snippet of his past, telling me of his search for his missing sister, and what he planned to do to the man who he believed had much to do with her disappearance.

I never planned on writing Lazarus’ story because I wasn’t sure he was redeemable, but as I learned his story, he became less of an anti-hero. He was someone driven by his belief that he’d failed to take proper care of his sister and was desperate to make their lives better by any means necessary and when she disappeared, he was determined to find her at any cost.  So, yes I do believe in some instances an anti-hero can become a hero and I hope you’ll feel the same way about Lazarus as I do.


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