My Book’s Released!

Yes. It’s true. My latest work, a novella entitled Roar of Revenge, was released this morning by Soul Mate Publishing. It’s available only in e-book format right now, but will be in print at a future, yet unnamed date.

So what does it feel like to have a book published? Sleep-disturbing comes to mind first. Late last night, I saw that it was actually released then. Big mistake! Not that it was released, but that I saw it just before bedtime. Of course, it was impossible to come down from that Cloud to sleep. Questions ran through my mind:  Will it sell? Will people like it? Will it get good reviews?

And these intermingled with a to-do list:  Put it on facebook. Write about it on my blog. Tell people! Let’s see, emails, phone calls… the whole marketing blitz. And in today’s world, the author is as responsible for marketing as much as the editor/publisher is.roarofrevenge2_850 (2)

I’ve done the first two on the list. On my FB page, one of my adult sons commented, “WOW! That’s my Mommy. .. Not the elephant… the Roar.” Hmmmm. Me? Roar??

This isn’t the first time I’ve had something published, but it’s been a couple years or more. I’d forgotten the thrill and excitement. Actually, I didn’t think I’d be so “giddyish” about it. After all, the experience is not new to me. But here I am, overjoyed, exhilarated, and downright thrilled.

So where can you get this author’s gem? On your computer, Kindle, Nook, or whatever electronic gizmo you function on (okay, on which you function), go to one of these sites:,,, or KOBO. It would be wonderful if you then wrote a review—on whichever site you purchased the book. All that takes is a few words. I know Santa will be very good to you if you do all the above.

He’s already been good to me!



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2 responses to “My Book’s Released!

  1. Steve

    What wonderful news. I am happy for you, and know you book will do well.

  2. K.L. Gore

    Congratulation, Joan! Though I can’t say I’m surprised. 😉 We all knew it would happen for you again. Yay, you!

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