Why Do You Write?

I like to write for the same reasons I love to read: to live vicariously through someone else, to escape my own life for a while, for enjoyment and pleasure, and to learn something about the world and/or about myself. I’ve been writing stories since I was a little girl…they were always accompanied by my own artwork…and what I liked about writing then was that I was doing it for myself, not for anyone else. I had no need to edit (nor did I realize that option even existed), and I didn’t care if someone else liked it or not because I didn’t care whether or not anyone else read it.

I wish we could all return to that place…where we wrote to express ourselves without worrying it might not be “good enough.” In fact, I challenge you to do this. Right now. Write ONLY for yourself. Not for publication. Not for anyone else’s eyes. Only for you and for the reason you started creating stories in the first place. Maybe your reasons are similar to my own. Maybe they’re different.

I’d like to know…why do YOU write?



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12 responses to “Why Do You Write?

  1. Rick Iekel

    Well said, Kim. I think writing is something that is in your genes, or not. I realized recently that I have a whole folder full of bits & pieces I’ve written ever since high school. Some poetry, some prose. Just about all of it was written on a quiet weekend afternoon or while on a vacation or trip. From time to time I pull it out, look it over and wonder if I’ll ever do anything with it.

  2. I write to finish dreams I have. Dreams are where all my story ideas come from. Once I flesh out the dream, it makes room for new ones.

    • Christopher Pike (a well-known YA author) said in one of his posts on Facebook that most authors write from ideas that were generated by their dreams. I wonder if that’s true?

  3. I write because I have something to share with people that is best shared through a thoughtful, written piece.

  4. Great question, Kim. These days I write, first, because I am compelled to write. And then, for publication. Yep. For acceptance. The last time I wrote just what I wanted to write, just for me, was a letter to my daughter. That wasn’t revealing in any way–just heart-wrenching–and I truly felt as if I were talking to her.

  5. I write because I’ve learned and lived and experienced a lot in my life. I’ve figured a lot out. And I am one person out of seven billion- if I don’t share what I’ve learned, it’ll die with me. And I’m very introverted, so writing is much more comfortable than talking. There is no greater power than art to influence people- government can pass laws, but they cannot change people’s hearts. And there is no greater way to express deep, complex truths about big things than through fiction. Thus, I see, I breathe, I live, I write.

  6. I write to fill the need to act out, or behave in ways I wish I could but am afraid. I write because I can put my words and mores onto my characters–words that again I am afraid to say out loud.
    It is great therapy.

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