While looking for that, I found this

A friend asked me to look at something s/he wrote.  On the first page, there was a paragraph that seemed to have two POVs.  When I questioned her/him about it, I was told it is Free Indirect Discourse (FID).  Okay, that is completely new to me, so I started a quest for knowledge.  During that (ongoing) quest, I ran across these from the Grammar Girl web site.  I found both interesting, and decided that you really want to know this.  (It doesn’t matter what you want.)

(Realizing that I would, in all probability, be violating copy write law if I quoted the text directly, I am including the link.)


Nauseous Versus Nauseated

Try to Versus Try and


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  1. From what I can see, it’s the same as “close third,” but if anyone can show/prove otherwise, please do so as I’ve never heard of FID before…and I read a LOT of books on writing craft.

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