A Great Read–for many reasons

I’ve posted before about books I’ve ‘read’ [aka listened to in the audio version]; this is another to add to the Do Not Miss This One list: Sandra Brown’s “Low Pressure”.

I started reading formula romance, silhouette in all their lines, in the early 1980’s. I found a great author named Rachel Ryan who turned out to be a pseudonym for Sandra Brown. Her ‘straight’ romances were well written if perhaps clichéd by today’s standards, but that’s another blog topic.

She’s written another romantic suspense–heavy on the suspense–in the form of a first time author who hits the best seller lists with a fictional who done-it based on a true crime. As a twelve year-old child she witnessed the murder of her older sister; as an adult she wrote the story in an effort to exorcise old ghosts and perhaps to stir long-buried memories.

Problem is someone, and maybe more than one, doesn’t care to have the story brought to light again. Ms. Brown skillfully weaves a cast of red herrings into the story from page one and keeps those pages turning. In my case, it keeps me driving in order to slip in the next CD.

This is a great read, excellent pacing, and a host of chapter ending hooks guaranteed to keep you reading long after the lights should be out.

Do not pass on this one.

As ever,

Veronica Lynch










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  1. Veronica, thanks fso much or sharing Sandra’s “Low Pressure” with us. I used to read quite a few of her books, but guess I’ve drifted away from her for some time now–don’t know why. It sounds very intriguing and I’ll be sure to look for it. Have a Happy Halloween

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