Characters to Learn From

I was introduced to two incredibly interesting men this summer, both from the cable TV networks, Nico from “Necessary Roughness” and Walt Longmire from “Longmire”.

Oh my. I’d like to spend a week [or more] with the writers on these fine shows. They know how to draw enignatic men, self-contained, assertive in their own way, a background of secrets, and [to attract the female perspective] suffering from some long ago heart break.

Makes me want to bring them home and take real good care of them. Not at the same time of course. and I’d need to boost my vitamin intake to prepare. Hormones wouldn’t hurt either.

Check them out on reruns–or like I plan to do when my next royalty check rolls in, order DVD’s of the previous season. That way I can get my fixes till the next seasons roll in.




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  1. SAY

    Yes, there are people we see in TV and movies that facinate me. People I would like to spend some time with. And, in most cases, they aren’t the famous or infamous. Just people that seen nice, and would have sooooo many great stories.

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