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3 responses to “Surprise!!!

  1. well crap.
    Deb Diez has patiently helped all day in an effort to show me how to post to the blog. I got it all written–but it posted to the wrong blog!!!
    I’ll do better the next time.

  2. Well Kat, you did it. Horrah! and congrats. And here I am too. For those who are proficient at posting on different sites, especially blogs, this must sound a bit ho-hum to them. But us newbies have to take a deep breath, a cautious step, and pray we’re doing it right in trying the new and then have to pat ourselves on our back when we finally see that it worked this time.

    On Aug. 26th @ 11a.m. the Long and Short Reviews hosted me for a blog on thier 5th Anniv. Blogfest. Several people–readers and authors–posted throughout the day. I kept trying to answer them with my thanks and it took forever before I figured out how to comment to them. It finally worked. Oh yeah! Another stumbling block shoved into the corner. Someday, this will be old hat to us newbies. Until then, thanks to everyone who helps us strugglers along the scary pathways. As a matter of fact, I’m trying to send the candidate ballot to those not on the loop and it bounces back. Steve, bless his heart is helping me to what the heck is wrong. Thank goodness we have people in the group who know what they’re doing. Enough for now, I must see what Steve suggests. Wishing everyone a very happy day. Oh, and my hubby and I celebrated our 45th anniv. on the 26th. WOW! 45 years with the same man and he’s still my very own hero. Well, somedays Jamie, our dog, takes the front seat, but hey that’s normal isn’t it? LOL

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