My first contest

I received a very thoughtful email yesterday from one of the reviewers of the Golden Pen contest which runs now through early December. On the closing day of entry, the reviewer sent me an email saying she had reviewed my entry and sent it on to the judges. She invited me to contact her with questions and wished me luck. I’m thinking she didn’t need to do that, but I sure did appreciate that point of contact! It prompted me to do two things:

  1. to connect to her author page, check the description for her just-released romantic suspense novel and let her know how impressed I was with the book trailer… and that I was ordering a copy of the book (which I never would have known about otherwise!)
  2. to go back to the website for the contest to see what the process is now that the reviews are underway. Those details were “I can’t deal with this now!” details when I entered.

Here were my thoughts at the time I entered the contest 3 weeks ago:


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  1. SAY

    You novel writers and query letters. We short story writers only have to write cover letters, if that.

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