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I haven’t seen much activity on our group’s blog page, so I’m going to start a new leaf. Another group I belong to has a very active message loop. Yes, they have many more members than we do, but I think all of us would find it beneficial to have more connection between meetings.

I’ve just received a response back from Entangled Publishing for my manuscript. Two weeks for a turn-around. Better than the first publisher I’ve dealt with. As for the first publisher, I’m back to square one because my original editor left the company and a new editor is taking the manuscript from the beginning. And here I was with a second revision completed. Oh well, it’s a learning process and I do have much to learn.

Looking forward to next week’s presentation by Scott P. Several of my stories include some sort of fight scene in them, so it will be very helpful to learn from his expertise.

Okay, I’m passing the baton! Who’ll step up next to blog? It only took me five minutes to type and post this one.




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2 responses to “Keep on Writing

  1. Patti, A million thanks for your post! Without it I would not have known there is a meeting next week (I’ve been relying on the side-bar on our home page to alert me; it’s still on June; I missed the July meeting!) For us newbies, I can see the info that the June meeting was at the Gates Community Center (all meetings are there, I think?) but I can’t see a time for the Aug 25 meeting. I’ll also post a comment with questions about your manuscript/publisher situation.

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