Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and sometimes we can’t see beauty when it’s all around us.

Last weekend, I had the distinct joy and pleasure of seeing and listening to our Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, led by the incomparable Jeff Tyzik, not once, but twice. The first time, Saturday evening in Kodak Hall, was Broadway night. They played music from several Broadway productions—Wicked, Chicago, Follies, Anything Goes and so on. The second half of the show gave tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber and his fantastic music, plus music from Les Miserables and Mamma Mia.

Accompanied by these superb musicians were the vocalists, Broadway veterans themselves—Gary Mauer, Tamra Hayden and Craig Schulman. It was a night of excellence. It was a night that made you feel as if you were at Broadway.

Sunday night, the same group of musicians (RPO and Jeff Tyzik) played at Perinton’s Center Stage to help celebrate Perinton’s bicentennial. It was an outdoor concert attended by people who brought their own chairs and spread out far and wide to enjoy this exceptional music. Everywhere you looked, there were people sitting in rows, clusters, on blankets.

The weather was perfect, as it has been for a couple weeks now. Quite warm at times, yes, but sunshine, gentle breezes, wispy clouds, and blue skies prevail.

Put all this together and you have a soul-searing sense of beauty, and of the joy and love and peace that accompany that beauty. It is the sense that only special events can bring, fine art being one of those events.

It is the sense that is brought to your soul not only by excellent music, but also by seeing exquisite art and by reading a well-written piece of literature. It is inspirational to everyone, but especially to fellow artists, whether they are musicians, sculptors or painters, or writers.

And we are surrounded by this beauty in Rochester. Simply surrounded. Writers, take note. Bring this beauty to the written page for others to share.

Don’t miss a beat!



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2 responses to “Beauty

  1. I agree- the beauty of the Finger Lakes can enhance our books in so many ways! The hero of my first Romance is oblivious to so many social cues, but from his perch above a fictitious Finger lake, he is tuned into the spectacular sunrises, subtle changes in lighting, moody moonlight, and raging storms. If only he’d get a clue about people!

  2. What a lovely written post, Joan. I often compare literature to music and painting/drawing. All forms of art take practice to master.

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