Two great ‘new’ books

I’ve recently ‘read’ [listened to actually] to two great books I’d love to recommend to all fans of thrillers and suspense fiction:

Breaking the Silence by Linda Castillo and The Witness by Nora Roberts.

Linda Castillo has crafted three [to date] stories set in a fictional Ohio town where the ‘English” coexist peacefully with the Amish. Kate Burkholder, the chief of police and former member of the Amish community finds herself walking both sides of a very rickety fence when a serial killer reappears after a 16 year absence. She thought she’d shot the killer to death after he raped her; but now it appears he’s back and doing it all over again, this time ramping it up a couple notches.

This is not for the squeamish but it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat-literally and figuratively.

Now for Nora’s book. In my opinion she’s not been on her mark the last few years, but with The Witness she’s hit it out of the park. This is a story that could happen to any of us, is very timely [computer hacking, identity theft, Russian mobs, a heroine with an IQ in the genius range and zero social skills and a quick-witted, sharp as a tack hero].

I loved them both and can’t wait to read Castillo’s sequel to Breaking the Silence.

Kat and Veronica



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2 responses to “Two great ‘new’ books

  1. Thank you for the post. I’ll look into them. The stack by my bed will always have room for a good book.

    (It’s good to have you posting. I hope your BP has returned to normal.)

  2. K.L. Gore

    Thanks for the book suggestions! I love the suspense genre.

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