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At least, that what everyone tells you.  People voiced to me more that once that the first sentence is always the hardest and then your story will flow like a river of honey.  I ponder this question.  Who the hell does that happen to?

Some writers are able to outline their manipulation of words.  Within fifteen or twenty minutes (depending on a writer’s process) they have created chapter one through whatever and prepare to execute the plan via laptop or netbook.   It keeps them focused.  Not me.  When I use that method…

1.  Chapter 1 seems forced and stilted.

2. Chapter 2, the story runs amok.

3. Chapter 3, even my characters have turned against me… “CHARLATAN! How dare you, Madam? What display of tomfoolery is this?  YOU charmed us with the belief you could compose masterpieces of brillance! We demand justice!”

So, to keep the villagers happy, I decided to write in the form I know best: Disorganization.

Now, the one thing I hate to admit is that this phrase has stuck…

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  1. K.L. Gore

    (Repeating the comment left on Anita Jain’s blog): I am not one to outline, either. I usually get an idea of a character and a problem and then run with it, hoping somewhere along the way subplots and plot layers will fall into my lap like large crumbs I can stuff into my mouth once I finished eating the muffin. (Love food analogies.) I have plenty of novels without endings. Many a short story is stuck forever walking around in its underwear. Still, to me outlining is like reading a review on Amazon that has a spoiler attached. I already know what will happen, why bother with the book? But that’s just me. 🙂

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