“We’ll be watching.”

I haven’t written anything in ages.  Literally, over a year.  To say I am out of practice is generous – and very kind.  But, I am determined to write a short story for an anthology Kim’s Barnes and Noble group is putting together.  And, rather than ease myself back into the habit, I am determined – at the moment – to write it in second person.  (I am NOT a fan of second person, so this may be a huge disaster.)


At any rate, I need to stop procrastinating by writing this blog and return to the assigned task.  Butt in chair – check.  Pandora radio set to Frank Chacksfield – check.  An idea – sort of.  As Al White you’d to say, “We’ll be watching.”



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2 responses to ““We’ll be watching.”

  1. K.L. Gore

    I’ll do the procrastinating for you. I have the idea for my story in my head…but have found many useful ways to keep it from making it to my computer. Commenting on your post being one of them. AND I do happen to know you’ve started on your story, having been one of the few chosen to have heard an excerpt. Hope you are still plugging at it. “We’ll be watching.”

  2. Wow. I can’t recall reading anything in second person. What a challenge! I’d love to read it.

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