Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

The Post That Almost Wasn’t …

 Is it my turn already?  LOL :D.

I almost panicked when I saw that it was my turn to blog.  Why?  Cause I got nothing… ziptada… nil.  My mind was officially blank and procrastination decided to continue its long vacation in my mind.  Wasn’t it Ben Franklin who said company stinks after three days?  I thought that my “guest” would take the  hint!

Alas, that was not the case. I had no choice.  I encompassed my bag of tricks and played dirty. I used my only defense.  The magic of old school  R&B.

As the melodic sounds of The Dramatics, Rose Royce (I Wanna Get Next To You is still perfection even after all these years!) Miss Aretha, The O’Jays and others floated through my office, I felt the chains of laziness loosen a little.  Sentences formed and the fog lifted.  In fact, I had enough energy to get back to my other stories. The chapter that I avoided for the last two weeks was beckoning.  Wait- I wonder what’s on TV tonight?  🙂


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