2012 has been quite interesting

Muriel, also, had problems post, so I am posting this for her.


 Well 2012 has been quite interesting.  I just had a birthday, I just signed up for tumblr and am working on a fan fic collabo with one of my fellow writers on our fan forum.   The readers of the fan fic story that I posted on fanfiction.net are increasing and I am mostly humbled by it  all.  (I am still surprised when I see readers form Malaysia, South Africa, Norway and if you found my link and are reading this now, thank you.)    But most of all, I remember why I got this gig.

I  love telling stories.  I love how the pen hits to paper to enrapture you with someone else’s life.  I get excited when good triumphs over evil.  The bad boy who finds salvation through the love of the one person that “truly” understands him.   The woman who gets revenge on the people who wronged her.  I want to know how that person got to where they are or where they were.  It’s a part of the human condition.   And let’s face it, we are the one who just want to watch it unfold, right?

 I have to confess all this new energy for my writing is great but,  sometimes it’s overwhelming.  All these “new friends”  want to speak to me attempting to tell their stories all at once and it can be a daunting task to catch up. :D   Have no fear, it will all work out… I assure you.  

On that note, my fellow manipulators of words and the readers that love them, I will bid you adieu. Until next time…



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2 responses to “2012 has been quite interesting

  1. K.L. Gore

    Good for you, Anita Jain (aka Muriel). Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I know what you mean about too many people talking to you at once! We need some sort of crowd control in our heads!

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