The writer that doesn’t write

I was scheduled to post a couple weeks ago, but got caught up in prepairing for my nephew’s wedding in Dallas.  They say (whoever they are) better late than never.
Most writers experience writer’s block at some time. Truthfully, I don’t think that is my problem. I have ideas for stories. I start stories. I just don’t finish stories. I lose interest. (The curious part is, while I don’t write, I still think about them.)

My nephew got married on the 1st. My brother, his father, made the most wonderful speech about how much Justin means to him and how proud he is of all his accomplishment. I later learned that I wasn’t the only one brought to tears.

I sat down that evening to capture my feelings to share with all my friends. You haven’t seen it because I didn’t write it. I have my memories of it, but I know they will fade over time. Yet, I cannot force myself to write it.

Deb Dixon’s fantastic presentation at an LCRW sponsored conference had me chomping at the bit to write my novel. I got the spreadsheet filled in. I have a new white board with ideas and scene outlines. And I have lost interest.

Another short story, what I feel most comfortable writing, is off to a start that has everyone I have shown it to excited. It sits. I just don’t have the interest to work on it.

So, I critique. I am comfortable critiquing. I presume that not everyone is blowing smoke when they say they like what I return. (You are very likely to receive 1000 words of opinion on your 3500 word manuscript.) I do get satisfaction from this portion of writing. But, it seems the best I can hope for is to be mentioned in someone’s forward to their novel.

Don’t get me wrong, I know all the platitudes: Butt in the chair; write, write, write; writers write; perspiration trumps inspiration; etc.
My issue, I have lost the desire to write. I’m not sure how to get that back.



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  1. kgwehner

    We do love your critiques! 🙂

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