Finally Connected at Last

Woohoo, I’m finally able to do my committed blogging! I’m so psyched!

This week is a period of transition for me. My situation at work became unnecessarily stressful, so I’ve pretty much taken the one shift (hostessing Mon-Fri lunch) off and just waitress four evening shifts.

What a change from even a few months ago. I’m taking the time to get a surgery scheduled and recovery completed before I go back to hostessing. It’s really nice to have peace of mind as I do this.

Another thing the time off has given me is the drive to get back to editing my manuscript for resubmitting to TWRP. Through my Twelve Step work I’m finding one of my greatest flaws is “procrastination.” The question I’ve been asking myself is “why am I stalling when I have a positive response from the editor?”

My answer is I let myself believe is was a fluke, that what I write isn’t good enough for publication. Well, let me tell you I’ve silenced that voice. If my book gets me stoked reading it, it’s good. No more stalling because the second half-written ms is making itself heard in my head. In every waking moment almost.

So, I state here, before my friends that I shall procrastinate no more (at least when it comes to writing đŸ™‚


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One response to “Finally Connected at Last

  1. kgwehner

    I’m glad to hear it! Procrastination gets the best of all of us, I’m afraid. I know it hits me hard on the head and drags me away from my computer. But good for you realizing your writing IS good enough for publishing. Nothing worse than procrastination mixed with too much self-doubt. So here’s to you and your getting back on track! Next meeting I want to hear that you’ve made progress!

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