Welcome to our new blog location. As a group, we’ve been blogging for years and decided to try this new site. We are a writing group from vast genres of nonfiction and fiction. We are open to all writing levels from unpublished to published.  Come check us out as we blog and for more information check out our website, LCRW.org.  We have monthly meetings and critique groups.



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3 responses to “Welcome

  1. pattimann

    Looks good to me Deb. Since I already had a WordPress id it was easy to comment to this post.

    Good work!

  2. As usual, Deb, you have hit it out of the park. WONDERFUL!

  3. pattimann

    I’m still having trouble adding the LCRWblog to my dashboard. Can’t stay up any longer to figure it out. Will just post here for now.

    Where do characters for my stories come from? Mostly I find my character in dreams I have about the story plot. The more I work at getting the dreams on paper, the more traits and foibles become clear.

    Sounds weird, doesn’t? Sure does to me, but I can’t knock the fact all my stories are coming from dreams. Must be some reaction to my daily life, but I don’t know for sure. I do know my life does not in any way resemble the lives of my characters. Yikes, how scary would that be!

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